Your Permanent Home Lighting Pros

You can count on us for all of your permanent lightning needs whether its for holiday celebrations, home decoration, or security. We've got you covered.

At Holiday Light Pro we offer an innovative permanent lighting system for your home. The system eliminates ever having to hang lights and comes with easy to use technology to control and customize how the lights look and feel on your home.

What permanent lighting system is BEST for your home?

Take a look at the variety of offerings for your home. This permanent lighting system is designed for a multitude of uses. Lets help you find the best use for your home.

Down Lighting

Exterior decor lighting for everyday use.

Security Lighting

Additional security lighting for evening visibility and monitoring.

Patriotic Lighting

Program your light system to display patriotic colors anytime of the year!

Christmas Lighting

No ladders or tedious untangling of Christmas lights this year, simply program your Christmas colors with the click of a button!

Halloween Lighting

Trick or Treaters will love your custom Halloween lighting, use your app to program your system for this spooky color scheme.

St. Patricks Day Lighting

We know you've always wanted to go all out on St. Patricks day, now with your permanent system its easier than ever to go green!

Why Permanent Lighting VS. Temporary Lighting?

Long Lasting, Warrantied Materials

All permanent light systems installed by Home Light Pro include both labor and product warranties lasting years longer than normal, termporary lighting.

No Show, HOA Approved Home Accessory

HOA approved very low profile lighting that is nearly invisible to the eye until the lights are activated.

Unique & Customizable for YOUR Home

The Home Light Pro experience is unique and customized for you. Your pro will ensure the light system is mounted according to your unique trim composition and color.

Our Proprietary Technology

Your Light System Controller

*Mobile App

*Select Color Options

*Customize On/Off Timer

*Sequence Light System

*Program to Music

*Control Brightness

*One Touch Access


Light Combinations


Hours On Product Warranty


Local Homes Served

More Happy Home Light Customers

Take a look at what our customers say about their experience:


Brian Buckholtz


Awesome product, amazing company! We had the best experience with Prescott Trimlight. They were very professional, prompt, and had great communication. They were upfront with their pricing, and it turned out to be a lot less than we were expecting. I mean, who can pass up a cool product with a lifetime warranty? Gavin and his team took pride in what they were doing, and the end result looks excellent! They took the time to setup the app with me and explain all the features in detail. We love it. I highly recommend Prescott Trimlight!!


Deborah Sweet


The lights are beautiful, and the Prescott Trimlights team did an excellent job of installing them. Every person on the team is totally professional and so willing to answer numerous questions. The app is very easy to use. This lighting is a great product and Prescott Trimlights is a totally customer-oriented firm.


Mark Lindsey


The guys who came were super nice and efficient! It didn't take as long as we thought it would, and we are thrilled with the result! Everything is neat and all extra wires and cords are well hidden, you can't even tell there are lights on the house in the day. We are more than pleased! We highly recommend this company. Now my hubby will NEVER have to get up on the ladder for lights again! Thank you Prescott Trimlight!

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